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Will of Thomas Marriott

In the name of God Amen. I Thomas Marriott of Mirfield in the County of York yeoman being in health of body and of perfect memory do make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and form following First I commend my soul nto the hands of Almighty God hopeing through the merits death and passion of Jesus Christ to receive a free and full Pardon of all my sins and to inherit everlasting life and my body I commit to the Earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my executors hereafter named. And as touching my Temporal Estate I do dispose thereof as followeth First I give and devise unto John Marriott my son the house and Land att Ratton Row in Mirfield wherein I now live (excepting two Closes of Land one whereof is called Rough Close and the other Cole Pitt Close) to enjoy the said house and Lands except what is herein excepted peacably and quietly until such time as his youngest son now livng shall arrive at the age of twenty four years of age if it shall happen that he live so long but if he shall dye before that time to ejoy it until that time as his said youngest son Richard would have attained to the age of twnety four years if he had been liveing Then my will and kind is and I do hereby give and devise unto my Eldest Son George Marriot all the said house Lands and all the Appurtenances thereunto belonging and to his heirs ad Assigns for ever frm and after the time that the said Richard Marriot my Granson be living or would have been if dead as aforesaid paying unto Thomas Eldest son of my son John Marriot the sume of twenty pounds when he shall attaine unto the age of twenty four years. Also that he pay unto Abraham the seccond son of the said John Marriot my son fifteen pound Also to Daniel his third son fifteen pound Also to Richard his youngest son (now in being) the sume of twenty pound to be paid them by the said George Marriot as they shall come to the age of twenty four years and for want of any of the said four children to be paid to the survivors of them Item I give and devise unto George Marriot my Eldest son the two Closes of Land above named called Rough Close and Colepit Close and to his heirs and Assigns for ever to enter att a whole years end after my decease. And further my will and mind is that my son John shall have Ten pound out of my personal Estate as a legacy Item I give and bequeath unto Mary the Daughter of Robert Swales twenty shilling Item all the rest of my personal Estate goods and Chattels whatsoever I give to my sons George Marriot and John Marriot to be egarly divided between them both and do make them joynt executors of this my Last Will and Testament In Wittness thereof I have set to my hand and Seal this twelfth day of February 1712 Sealed signed and acknowledges in the Sight and Presents og us Jonathan Lawton, the mark of Mary M Lawton, Thos Lawton Memorandum before the sealing hereof that my Will and Mind is that George Marriot shall pay yearly for the said two closes aboove bequeathed ten pence for ..ree Rent and tenpence Tyth Hay Signed Thomas Marriot

© F. and S. Marriott