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Richard Marriott

Christened: 20th July 1712, Mirfield

Place of Birth: Dewsbury

Father: John Marriott

Mother: Sarah

Siblings: Thomas, Abraham, Daniel, Martha, Elizabeth

Married: Jane

Children: Jane (Jenny), christened 18th December 1737, Dewsbury

Betty, christened 8th March 1741, Dewsbury; buried 26th April 1767, Dewsbury

John, christened 15th May 1743, Dewsbury; buried 23rd August 1768, Dewsbury

Richard, christened 3rd April 1745, Dewsbury; buried 13th April 1824, Dewsbury

George, christened 15th May 1748, Dewsbury

Thomas, christened 25th July 1750, Dewsbury

Died: 13th August 1766, aged 54.

Buried: 14th August 1766, Dewsbury Parish Church

1722 - legatee in the will of his grandfather, Thomas, dated 12th February 1712, in which he is left £20 when he reaches age 24.

1761-64 Easter Dues, paid to Dewsbury Church by Richard Marriott 1761 and 1762 - 10.5d 1763 - 10.5d. and Corn 6, H 3, C half. 1764 - 10.5d. Thereafter dues are paid by Richard's widow.

10.5d is about 4.5p

Note: due the clumsiness of fractions I have shown ha'pennies as .5d. This is not strictly correct but I think it is easier to read in the absence of good alternatives.

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