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Richard Marriott

Christened: 3rd April 1745

Place of Birth: Dewsbury

Father: Richard Marriott

Mother: Jane

Siblings: Jane, Betty, John, George, Thomas

Married: 1st March 1767, Dewsbury, to Hannah Shay

Children: John, christened 6th November 1768, Dewsbury; buried 15th March 1812, Dewsbury

Matthew, christened 17th February 1770, Dewsbury; buried 21st April 1789, Dewsbury

Jane, christened 31st May 1773, Dewsbury

Leah, christened 1st October 1775, Dewsbury

Thomas, christened 21st April 1778, Dewsbury; buried 13th March 1783, Dewsbury

Rachel, christened 23rd October 1780, Dewsbury; buried 31st October 1816, Dewsbury

Died: Aged 80

Buried: 13th April 1824, Dewsbury

1768-93 Easter Dues, paid to Dewsbury Church by Richard Marriott of Soothill. 1768 to 1774 - 7d. 1775 and 1776 - 0d. 1777 - 7d. (of Underhill). 1778 to 1786 = 7d. 1787 to 1793 - 9d. (7d. is about 3p. 9d. is about 4p)
1822-23 Baines Yorkshire Directory shows Richard Marriott, gent., Northgate, Earlsheaton.
1840 Hannah, widow of Richard Marriott of Earlsheaton, buried at Dewsbury 19th May, aged 93.

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