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Michael Marriott

Christened: 22nd August 1802, Dewsbury

Place of Birth: Dewsbury

Father: John Marriott

Mother: Elizabeth Richardson

Siblings: Joseph, Hannah, Joseph, John, Frances, Mary, William, Rhoda, Elizabeth, Simon

Married: 1. Sarah Hampshire, 16th May 1830, Dewsbury

2. Mary Hey, 25th September 1865

Children: Elizabeth, buried 30th August 1841


Buried 17th April 1880, Earlsheaton Cemetary

1841 Census, Dewsbury, Soothill, Dewsbury Bank

Abraham Marriott, 50, clothier

Michael Marriott, 35, clothier

Sarah Marriott, 30

1851 Census, Dewsbury; Townend

Michael Marriott, Head, 48, hand loom weaver, born Soothill

Sarah, wife, 43, bobbin winder blankets, born Dewsbury, deaf

1861 Census, Dewsbury, Holy Trinity Parish, 389 Bradford Road

Joseph Lister, Head, 56, woollen manufacturer employing 8 men 4 women and 2 boys, born Hanging Heaton

Francis, wife, 61

Michael Marriott, visitor, mar, 58, woollen weaver, both born Earlsheaton

Sarah Marriott, visitor, mar, 53, born Dewsbury

Same address

John Marriott, Head, 38, woollen manufacturer, born Earlsheaton

Hannah, wife, 40, born Dewsbury

1865 Marriage

Michael Marriott, 63, widower, Clothier of Batley Carr, son of John Marriott, clothier, and Mary Hey, 66 widow of Dews bury, daughter of James Chappell, Farm Labourer, married by Banns at Dewsbury 25th September, both (X) in presence of James Hampshire (X) and Paul Ward.

1867-70 Burgess Roll (property related)

Michael Marriott paid rates on house in Bradford Road, Trinity Ward, Dewsbury

1868 Mary Marriott, wife, buried

1871 Census Dewsbury, Soothill, Roberts Buildings

Richard Marriott, head, 65, woollen weaver, Earlsheaton

Mary, wife, 67, Earlsheaton

Luke, son, u/m, 31, wollen weaver, Earlsheaton

Mathew Hews, grandson, 6, scholar, born Oakenshaw Durham

Michael Marriott, brother, wid, 68, woollen weaver, Earlsheaton

Death Certificate:

Buried 17th April 1880, Earlsheaton Cemetery

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