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John Marriott

Christened: 18th August 1677, Mirfield

Place of Birth: Dewsbury

Father: Thomas Marriott

Mother: Elizabeth Hepworth

Siblings: Alis, Mary, George, Thomas, Sara

Married: Sarah

Children: Thomas, christened 26th September 1706. Buried 16th November 1717 at Mirfield

Abraham, christened 11th February 1708, Mirfield. Buried 20th March 1785 Dewsbury

Daniel, christened 30th March 1710, Mirfield.

Richard, christened 20th July, Mirfield. Buried 14th August 1766, Dewsbury

Martha, christened 27th March 1715. Buried 25th January 1754, Mirfield

Elizabeth, christened 2nd April 1718, Mirfield.


Buried: 22nd May 1727, Mirfield

1722 - legatee in the will of his father, Thomas, dated 12th February 1712. Inherits house and land at Ratten Row (except Rough Close and Coal Pit Close) until Richard (his youngest son is 24 years of age; £10 and half residue. Named as Executor.

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