F. and S. Marriott.

Unit 2, 140 Newbegin, Hornsea, England, HU18 1PB.

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Herbert Marriott

Born: 17th July 1858. Christened: 15th August 1858, Batley.

Place of Birth: Batley

Father: Fred Marriott

Mother: Jane Newsome

Siblings: Annie Maria, Frederick Augustus

Married: 1. Emma Hirst, 29th September 1880, Batley.

2. Jane Elizabeth Baker (otherwise Vero), 14th October 1929, Salem Chapel, Burley in Wharfedale

Children: (all from first marriage)

Gilbert Newsome Hirst, christened May 1883, buried 4th August 1883, Batley

Irene Helen, christened 1884, buried 24th September 1929, Scarborough

Alice Hildred, christened 1887, buried 2nd September 1969, Scarborough

Rupert Hirst, born 26th April 1889, Birstal, died 6th October 1966, Haxby

Marjorie Hilda, christened 15th August 1892, Cremated Darlington, 1st March 1983

Elsie Jane, christened 18th February 1894, Scarborough, Cremated 18th November 1980, Sheffield.

Died: 30th November 1939

1861 Census, Batley, Upper Lane

Fred Marriott, Head, 27, druggist and grocer, Leeds

Jane, wife, 30, Batley

Herbert, son, 2, Batley

Annie M, dau, 1, Batley

Simon Marriott, brother, unmarried, 10, cloth drawer, Batley Carr

Mary Lockwood, 18, servant

1871 Census, Batley, Gomersall, North Terrace

Fred Marriott, Head, 37, Woollen Manufacturer employing 21 men and 12 females, born Dewsbury

Jane, wife, 40, housewife, Batley

Herbert, son, 12, scholar, Batley

Frederick Augustus, son, 9 scholar, Batley

Annie M, dau, 11, scholar, Batley

Mary Cosgrove, servant, unmarried, 27, born Ireland

August 1879 (according to hand-written date on the back of the pictures) Pictures of Herbert Marriott and Emma Hirst
Batley Reporter 2nd October 1880

An interesting ceremony took place on Wednesday morning last at the Hick Lane Wesleyan Chapel, Batley, in the presence of numourous assembly of spectators, in celebration of the marriage of Mr. Herbert Marriott of Crow Trees to Miss Emma Hirst, third daughter of Mr. William Hirst of Station Road, Batley. The Rev. Sidney Pitts was the minister officiating. Amongst the numerous presents received by the bride was a very handsome timepiece, being a present given to the bridegroom by the workpeople employed by his father at Prospect Mill, Birstal, it bearing the following inscription:- "This timepiece was presented by the workpeople of Mr. Fred Marriott to his son Mr. Herbert Marriott as a token of respect on the day of his marriage. Birstal 29 September 1880"

1881 Census, Gomersall, St. Mary's Parish, Park Street

Herbert Marriott, Head, 22, Woollen Manufacturer, Batley

Emma, wife, 22, Batley

Batley Reporter 29th December 1888 Terrific Mill Fire at Birstal

One of the most frightful and destructive fires that has occured in Birstal district for a long time took place at a late hour on Thursday night, by which Brookroyd Mill near Birstal was totally destroyed, only portions of the outer walls being left standing. The mill occupied a site close to the road leading from Bradford Road to Brownhill, one end abutting on Bradford Road, ad the other on the branch line of the London and North Western Railway Company. It was four storeys high, and built nearly twenty years ago by Messrs. Parr and Ramsden, Woollen Manfacturers, on the site of a former structure which had for some time been in ruins. It was partly occupied by Mr. Joe Ramsden, the owner, and part of it was let to others. The top storey was in the occupation of Messrs. H. and F. Marriott, and it was in this room that the fire broke out abut 8 o'clock. An alarm was given, and the Liverpool and London and Globe fire brigade from Birstal was soon on the spot, and the Batley borough brigade, and also the Wensleydale Mills and Queen Street Mills hosepipes. The fire, however, got a firm hold of the building and the roof fell in with a crash. Soon the fire broke through into the second room, and the flames raged with terrific fury, and cast a red glare on the sky which could be seen for several miles around. In about and hour and a half the entire structure was gutted, and large portions of the outer walls fell. The efforts of the firemen were, however, directed to saving some loom sheds, and the adjoinng warehouse, steam tentering house and other buildings. These were saved from the fire, but damaged considerably by the falling of the walls. Thousands of spectators assembled in the roads and fields, and many even on the railway line, to witness the conflagration. The damage is estimated at about £14,000. Mr. Ramsden is insured, the buildings and contents on the London and Liverpool and Globe, the Lancashire, the Royal, and the Queen insurance offices, and Messrs. Marriott's stock was insured in the National Assurance Company of Ireland. The gable end of the mill fell over Bradford Road and cut off the tramway communication to Gomersall. It was 2 o'clock ysterday morning before the line was cleared and the London and Liverpool and Globe brigade was left in charge until long after that time. Two assistants of the above brigade were injured, one having his hip dislocated and the other his arm crushed. The fire happened at a most unfortunate time for the two firms, both of whom had been particularly busy for some time past. A large number of people are thrown out of employment by the catastrophe.

1889 Kelly's Directory shows H. and F. A. Marriott, Worsted and Woollen Merchants, Station Road, Batley.
18th January 1889 Partnership between Herbert and Fred Marriott dissolved.

1892 Scarborough Directory shows Herbert Marriott, painter and decorator, living at 25 The Cliff and with workshops at 17 North Street, Scarborough

c1896 Picture of Rupert, Hilda, Alice, Nellie and Elsie

1897 Kelly's Directory shows Herbert Marriott, decorator, 30 North Street, Scarborough.

Note: still there in 1905

1909 Kelly's Directory shows Herbert Marriott, decorator, 6 Queen Street, Scarborough

1914 Scarborough Directory shows Herbert Marriott, painter etc. 133 Castle Road

15th September 1915 Picture of Emma Marriott nee Hirst

1917 Picture of Alice and Nellie on the left, Hilda and Elsie on the right, with grand-daughter Jane in the centre

1939 Gravestone in Scarborough Cemetary

In loving memory of Dad, Herbert Marriott. Died 30th November 1939. Also his wife, Jane Elizabeth. Died 13th February 1949.

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