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Family Tree - Marriott surname

Direct Line (most recent, by birth date, listed first). Indirect line indented, listed below direct line sibling.

Rupert Hirst Marriott, born 26th April 1889, Batley.

Herbert Marriott, born 17th July 1858, Batley

Fred Marriott, christened 19th May 1834, Dewsbury

Rhoda Marriott, christened 26th January 1807, Dewsbury.

Michael Marriott, brother, christened 22nd August 1802

John Marriott, christened 6th November 1768, Dewsbury

Richard Marriott, christened 3rd April 1745, Dewsbury

Richard Marriott, christened 20th July 1712, Dewsbury

John Marriott, christened 18th August 1677, Mirfield

Thomas Marriott, date of birth or christening not known

Marriott Wills

Will of Thomas Marriott (1712)

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