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Specific Surname interest

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Derbyshire Interest

This is where a lot of Stephanie's family comes from.

Essential for anyone with Derbyshire ancestors, is the Derbyshire Family History Society site, which tells you how to join and what they offer.

Derbyshire Photos contains old and new pictures of Derby and area.

Up-to-date information and news about Derbyshire can be found at This is Derbyshire, which is the Derbyshire Evening Telegraph site.

Part of the GenealogyLinks site covers links of interest to people with Derbyshire ancestors.

Derbyshire Family History and Genealogy has information of interest to researchers. This site also covers counties around Derbyshire.

General Interest

Stephanie has written "Films - The Family Historian's Perspective" to help family historians lucky enough to have old family films.

Check out the Mormon Genealogy Records Online site.

There are over 6,000 genealogy links on the GenealogyLinks site.

Genes Reunited

Other websites

F. and S. Marriott - we sell classic and collectible still and cine equipment, both from the website catalogue and through our shop in Hornsea, which is on the Yorkshire coast, England. Among the information we provide on our site, there is an article about dating old home movies (with advice about video copying).

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