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Thomas Hepworth

Christened: 22nd September 1611, Mirfield

Place of Birth:

Father: Thomas Hepworth

Mother: Alice

Siblings: John, Elizabeth, William, Jane, Samuel, Susan, Mary

Married: Alice

Children: Elizabeth, christened 18th September 1642, Mirfield. Buried 23rd October 1712, Mirfield.


Buried: 30th March 1667, Mirfield

Will made 20th February 1667

31st January 1668 - Will proved.

Legatees: Alis, wife, Thomas Marriott son and his wife, Samuell Hepworth brother, Jane Denton wife's nephew (sic), Mathew and Joseph Lawson sister Elizabeth's children, Daniel and Mary brother William's children, sister Mary's daughter Mary Swayles, sister Susan's daughter Judith Dicon, Mary Marriott grandchild.

Executors: Alis Hepworth, Thomas Marriott

Creditors: Edward Brooks, Brother Samuell

Witnesses: Edward Brook, Richard Brook, Jane Denton

Legacies: workday suit, doublet, breeches, shirt, shoes, stockings, bed and bedding, 2 chests, pewter, cow

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