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Elizabeth Hepworth

Christened: 18th September 1642, Mirfield

Place of Birth:

Father: Thomas Hepworth

Mother: Alice


Married: Thomas Marriott, 23rd October 1662, Mirfield

Children: Alis, christened 3rd October, Mirfield

Mary, born before 1666.

George, christened 6th March 1667. Buried 27th March 1742, Mirfield

Thomas, christened 6th January 1670. Buried 23rd April 1674, Mirfield

Sara, christened 19th January 1674. Buried 26th March 1675, Mirfield

John, christened 18th August 1677. Buried 22nd May 1727, Mirfield


Buried: 15th August 1712, Mirfield

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