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John Colledge

Christened: Not known

Place: Not known

Father: Not known

Mother: Not known

Siblings: Not known

Married: Lydia Lane 5th December 1810

Children: Eliza christened 14th September 1812, Wirksworth

Hannah, christened 12th February 1815, Wirksworth

Lydia, christened 14th September 1817, Wirksworth

Mary, christened 2nd January 1822, Wirksworth

Elizabeth, christened 2nd January 1822, Wirksworth

Sarah, christened 10th August 1823, Derby, St. Werburgh

Alice, christened 28th February 1826, Derby, St Werburgh

Martha, christened 21st September 1828, Derby, St Alkmund

Edmund John, christened 24th October 1830, Derby, St. Alkmund

Emma, christened 30th September 1830, Derby, St Alkmund

Ann, christened 5th April 1835, Derby, St Alkmund

Hannah, christened 24th June 1838, Derby, St Alkmund

Died: Not known

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