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William Brelsford (Brailsford)

Christened: 8th May 1791

Place of Birth: Middleton

Father: Thomas (Brelsford)

Mother: Ruth Buxton

Siblings: Thomas, John, Joseph

Married: Mary Flint on 16th September 1813

Children: Anthony, christened 30th October 1814

Joseph, christened 24th March 1816, Wirksworth

Thomas, christened 11th October 1818, Wirksworth

Celia, christened 28th May 1826, Wirksworth

Hannah, christened 7th June 1829, Wirksworth

John, christened 12th July 1832, Wirksworth, the Old Chapel, Independent

Edmund, christened 30th November 1834, Wirksworth, the Old Chapel, Independent

Died: Not known

Occupation from 1816 to 1829, Miner (from parish register entries for children's christenings)
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